Weird (and kind of cool) beauty tricks.

By Lori Cline, Editor in chief, Beauty and your

I love seeing different kinds of beauty tricks that I haven't seen a thousand times, especially if they're weird.

Here are six weird (kind of cool) ones that I think you'll enjoy and hopefully haven't heard of.

Weird beauty tip #1:


Problem: Puffy eyes.

Solution: Use hemorrhoid cream under your eyes.

Putting Prep-H under your eyes may sound gross, but it really works. It contains anti-inflammatory ingredients that temporarily reduce any puffiness and actually shrinks any dark bags under the eyes. (Think about its normal use, and you’ll get a better picture of how it helps.)

And get this: You can use it to help the wrinkles on your face and give yourself a tight complexion (I haven’t tried that part; I am just repeating what I read). All of this is temporary, of course.

Weird beauty tip #2:

Problem: Dry skin.

Solution: Diaper rash cream.

Hey, if it’s good enough for a baby’s butt, it’s good enough for your dry, cracked, rough elbows and feet.

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Some people rip sheets with their toenails, I rip my sheets with the all the sharp craters and cracks and rough (easy word) skin on the balls of my feet. Diaper rash cream contains moisturizers and inflammatory agents that help repair your skin and hydrate it, as well. Slather it on, put on some socks, go to sleep, and in the morning there won't be any ripped sheets.

Weird beauty tip #3:

off colored teeth baking soda

Problem: Off-colored teeth.

Solution: Use baking soda and water.

Got nasty colored teeth (or they are just - not white)? Put some baking soda in a bowl and wet your toothbrush.Stick the wet toothbrush into the bowl to coat it, then brush away. It tastes disgusting, but it’s probably not as disgusting as the color of your teeth (absolutely no offense intended). Do this as often as you want to and see what kind of results you get.

Okay – since I was rude, I’ll give you an additional baking soda tip: Mix it with some honey and use it as a light scrub for your face. It will give you beautiful, tight, smooth skin - not at all disgusting.

Weird beauty tip #4:

olive oil skin makeup remover

Problem:Dry skin.

Solution: Olive oil.

Dry skin all over? Use olive oil as a natural moisturizer, it’s absolutely awesome for your skin.

(Note: I ran out of moisturizer for my face a couple of weeks ago and had just read this and decided to try it because I have really dry skin and can't go without moisturizer. Does it work? Let's just say I haven't bought any moisturizer yet.)

Weird beauty tip #5:

cinnamon cornstarch bronzer

Problem:You’re out of bronzer.

Solution: Cinnamon and cornstarch.

If your cheekbones are like mine and just kind of fade into the flesh of your face (translated: "Where are they?"), you can use bronzer and make your face look like you have actual sculpture to your cheeks. If you don’t have any, you can use cinnamon and cornstarch.

Begin by measuring out 2 tablespoons of cinnamon and 3 teaspoons of cornstarch and then whisk them together.

Going by your skin tone, you may to have add more cinnamon if you want it darker, or cornstarch if you want it lighter. You don't need to throw any of the extra mixture out; just put it in a sealable container so you can use it again.

FYI: I saw that there were safety concerns about the cinnamon being too harsh on some people’s skin, but I have really sensitive skin and it was fine. Just try a little at first to see how it goes.

Weird beauty tip #6:


Problem:Drying your nails quickly.

Solution: Spray unscented cooking spray on them (or hold them under water).

I am a very impatient person. When my nails are done, I went them dry now; more often than not I end up with some really dark splotched fingers because I use them before they're dry (which is why I don't wear colored polish half the time). You can dry them quickly in two ways:

After your last coat of colored polish, spray some unscented cooking spray lightly for a top coat that dries fast.

Another way to dry your nails quickly(after your last coat of colored polish) is to wait a minute or two and then stick your hands (or just the n the nails on your hands) under lightly running water. Just move them around – they’ll dry really quickly.

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Hope some – or all of these work for you. If they do, then I have done my job.

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